Creative and Performing Arts Center
ABOUT Creative and Performing Arts Center Inc.

CAPAC'S Mission Statement - CAPAC develops extraordinary art that emphasizes the rich culture and ethnic traditions of people of color. CAPAC provides creative expression opportunities for diverse people of all age groups through acting, singing, dancing, creative writing and community engagement in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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CAPAC's Strategic Planning Team

CAPAC'S History - CAPAC began March 16, 2002, in Prince William County, Virginia, by a group of concerned citizens led by Co-Founders Lawrence A. Dulin and Denise M. McPhail. The CAPAC Board of Directors was comprised of citizens throughout the greater Washington, DC, area who understood the need for diversity and artistic enrichment in Prince William County and surrounding areas. The individuals believed something should be done to fill a void for cultural diversity in performing and visual arts in the Greater Prince William County area. From a great deal of discussion by the group, the collective opinion was to start a performing and visual arts program that would provide programming year-round.

CAPAC was originally recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable establishment February 11, 2004. CAPAC was established for the enjoyment of all people that love the arts.


To meet the increased demand for CAPAC's artistic education and family theatrical entertainment, CAPAC has begun work to secure its own multi-purpose facility in Prince William County, VA, a building of sufficient size to house multiple CAPAC classes and productions in operation simultaneously. A CAPAC-owned facility would expand our capacity to nurture and grow a repository of singers, actors, dancers and creative writers to support future CAPAC productions and touring ensembles.

Strong Faith and Devotion

Although CAPAC is not a religious organization, we do believe through the power of our prayers, our faith and our dedication to task, that CAPAC will continue to experience God's grace and blessings.

Connected to Community

We are keenly aware that establishing and honoring relationships with diverse communities are to the success of our organization, which transcends to the success of our community. CAPAC is well-known for developing close, meaningful and lasting relationships that extend beyond the art experience.

Committed to Patrons

With each production, CAPAC creates an atmosphere that promotes a delightful experience for our audience and participants. The generous expressions of deep satisfaction and appreciation for our work is our greatest reward. We pledge to continue to honor our commitments.

Dedicated to Education

CAPAC professionals maintain a culture of excellence in a supportive environment. This atmosphere not only develops acting, singing, dancing and creative writing skills but also builds confidence for students to succeed in school, work and life. CAPAC offers internship opportunities to high school and college students to inspire a new generation of theater professionals.

Encourages Team Support

Since CAPAC's inception guiding principles have included, maintaining a collaborative environment, encouraging our team to respect each other and striving for excellence during each production. As we continue to grow, we pledge to continue to uphold these guiding principles.


Board of Directors

Loretta Freeman, President
Jacqueline West, Vice President
Melissa Davis, Secretary
Yvette Pile, Treasurer
Sheila Anderson
Jean Gary
Eric Johnson
Vernell Lewis
Desirea Moore-Mitchell

CAPAC Leadership and Creative Team

Denise M. McPhail, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Catrina Stroman, Choreographer
Tommy Johnson, Technical Director

Finance Committee

Yvette Pile, Chair
Loretta Freeman
Eric Johnson
Denise McPhail
Bettie Roberts

Marketing Committee

Melissa Davis, Chair
Stacy Booker, Website Coordinator
Valerie Oliver, Editor
Jalyce Mangum
Kalyn Simmons
(Vacant), Community Outreach Coordinator

Membership Committee

Juan McPhail, Acting Chair
Shennell January, Co-Chair
Denise McPhail

Volunteer Committee

Elizabeth Richardson, Volunteer Coordinator

CAPAC is seeking additional membership committee members. Please consider becoming a CAPAC member and join our membership committee today. Send your email to